I have been teaching for over 25 years, worked for 20 years on interplanetary space missions, and spent 6 years with Microsoft Research. Most of the adults or young people I taught over the years - and pretty much anyone I have every met - all have one thing in common - they don't remember what they read and don't like learning.


Quite frankly, I am sick of it.


What the heck is that about? We live in the most developed country in the world yet something is so inherently wrong with the way we teach people to read that most of the population hates learning and doesn't enjoy reading. It doesn't make sense.


Enough is enough.


I learned to speed read in 1991 when I started a doctoral program. It changed my life and I began teaching it. I have seen the light go on in people's eyes during my speed reading class as they realize that they have unlimited capability and that they are NOT the limited beings that the broken mass education system tried to convince them they are.


You DON'T have to struggle while you read.

You CAN remember everything you read.

You CAN enjoy learning.

You CAN achieve your hopes and dreams.

You ARE NOT who you think you are academically - you are better!


It doesn't matter whether you were (or are) a good student or a not-so-good-one. If you fit the following criteria, you CAN learn speed reading:


  • You have vision in at least one eye.

  • You understand English (it's OK if English is not your primary language). You can learn to speed read ANY language, by the way.

  • You read too slowly and don't remember much. However, even if you think you are a great reader and student, you will get even better with this class.

  • You have a belief that you can better yourself.

  • You are willing to practice and be patient learning something new (even if you are not a patient person, I will teach  you how to become one!)

  • You want to love learning.

  • You are OK telling disbelievers to go take a hike - and to go take the class!

  • You want to be successful.








From the classroom workshops

"profound and brilliant . . ."
--- TS, Workshop student

"This class is one of the best values
I've come across in my life!"

"I was amazed at the fast turn-around from using your techniques.
I find that even after just a few days I am going faster, retaining more,
but most of all feeling my brain stimulated and interested in what I'm reading instead of being bored and discouraged. "

-- KR


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Speed Reading

"I really appreciate the weekly email support and the way you are telling us what, and how, our mind thinks ---- and to just get over it! You definitely have the psychology aspect down!!! . . . MC, Seattle Workshop Student


"I now look at the pile of unread and half-read books on my desk with excitement instead of dread. I think I'll even use the techniques to tackle all of the blogs and professional articles I never get around to reading."
B, Seattle Workshop Student

"Finally decided to give speed reading a try and I can't believe I've waited so long. The class has surpassed all my expectations, thanks to the amazing instructor and his fun teaching style. Jackie was really great at keeping the class entertaining and easy to follow. I feel that the information presented is invaluable and will most likely prove to be life-changing. I especially liked Jackie's way of approaching learning in general, encouraging people to be open minded about what our incredible minds can do. The information presented kind of blew my mind and at the end of the class I already knew that my reading speed and how I approach reading in general has improved significantly. I wish I had known this information before going through grad school but oh well. Really great class! "
-- AL, Seattle, WA

Speed Reading
Speed Reading
Speed Reading



Have you found that you get sleepy when you read? Does your mind wander and do you lose your place? Do you often find that you can't remember what you have just read? Most people experience these problems and it results in diminished performance at work, school, and lack of enjoyment of reading and learning in general. Speed Reading eliminates all that!



At the end of the Online Speed Reading workshop and 21-day practice program:

a) Read three to six books, articles and reports in the time it takes others to read only one today.
b) Improve your comprehension, your concentration for test-taking and learning, and your  long-term memory.
c) Have a system for taking amazing notes that will make you a master learner.
d) Overcome a lifetime of conditioned behavior that has affected your reading, your learning, and the way you see the world.



. . . as a learner. Maybe you ARE a science, math or literature person after all!
. . . as a thinker. Be expansive in the way you perceive the world.
. . . as a person. Become a stellar listener and communicator, writer, and speaker.

Remove obstacles that have kept you from achieving your dreams and getting all you want out of life.

What Speed Reading Can Do For You

I have taught this class to thousands of people in the classroom. Besides the pandemic , In the last few years it has become clear that the world is a different place and people are less inclined to take a 6-hour class with all the demands on their time. So I have created an online version of my critically acclaimed speed reading workshop that you can take at your own pace, have access to 24/7, and have a lifetime to review the material when needed.


Also, now people all over the globe can take the workshop without having to come to Seattle!



  • 12 lectures

  • A combination of lecture videos, written discussions, and PowerPoint slides.

  • Practice drills conducted in real time just like in the classroom.

  • Cutting edge learning techniques

  • You will learn a revolutionary notetaking system

  • Video lectures contain all the material presented in the classroom version.

  • Available 24/7 for life

  • When the class sessions are updated, you get access to the updated content for no extra charge.

  • Tips for motivation and practice.

  • Lifetime phone and email support for questions.

  • Free online practice tools

  • Discussion board for student coments and sharing ideas.



 Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D. is a ghostwriter, educator, deep ecologist, technology storyteller, and speed reading teacher. He has trainied thousands of students to speed read and has developed professional development programs for NASA, the City of Seattle, and many colleges and universities. Prior to entering the field of education, he worked on interplanetary space missions during a 20-year career in the space program working for NASA at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He has taught thousands of students at a number of colleges and universities over the last 25 years. Jackie also spent 6 years with Microsoft Research, conducting over 2,750 tours of the Microsoft Envisioning Center, discussing future trends with over 50,000 executives and leaders from around the world. He has written over 450 articles and commentaries on a wide variety of subjects, from space exploration to environmental challenges. Jackie holds Ph.D. and Masters degrees in Environmental Studies, a Bachelors degree in Astronomy, and is the president of the Center for Lifelong Learning, offering his ghostwriting services and speed reading programs to clients around the world.


Please try email first with your question. 

(206) 755-9272



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