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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya Angelou
You dream of writing a book - Let me help you make that dream come true!
Jackie offers outstanding ghostwriting, long and short form content writing, and consulting services to businesses and individuals!


Jackie can ghostwrite or co-author your book on any topic you have in mind or help you get organized so you can write it. His vast experience in a variety of fields allows him to add  insight and perspective to your thoughts and your writing that will expand your idea, autobiography, memoir, or company history into something unique and great.


Jackie has a proven process for drawing out your ideas and organizing them so your reader gets what you are trying to say.


He can also write any technical or non-technical content, including white papers, blog entries, and web content.


When Jackie writes for you, you benefit from his vast career experience, which incudes 20 years working for the National Aeronatutics and Space Administration (NASA) at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on space exploration missions, 6 years with Microsoft Research, and 25 years teaching at various colleges and universities. Jackie has published two of his own books and ghostwritten books for businesses and individuals from all walks of life. He has written over 450 articles on a variety of topics and he also teaches speed reading programs that will have you reading and remembering thousands of words per minute.


What this all means is that jackie has a broad perspective on life, is an expert researcher, master of social networking, and business entrepreneur who can bring a depth of thought to your work that will make it stand out above all the noise of the world today.


Get tips on writing and the writing process, self-publishing, and ghostwriting in Jackie's newsletter. Your information is NEVER given or sold.

see a preview of Jackie's latest book:
Teaching as if Your
Life Depends on It


My latest book under my own name is about how to teach in a way that empowers and excites people about learning. To be released this spring, see a preview at

Everyone has a right to express themselves and share their ideas, but not everyone can write well or has the time. That's where I come in! I can take your ideas and expand upon them, bringing them into a form you can share.

My Philosophy
Ghostwriting and Editing


I will help you with every step of the process, from collecting your thoughts through interview conversations, your notes, and research. You might choose to have your book be totally ghostwritten, meaning that you are listed as the author and my name does not appear at all or co-written with me. I can also edit your manuscript.

Long or Short Form Content


Whether you need a few paragraphs for your website or an extensive technical white paper for your enterprise cliients, I can write a paper that will have your customers singing your praises and establish you as a thought leader in your field.

Publishing and Marketing


I will help you get your book published, either through a self-publishing company or by writing a book proposal to send to publishers.

PLEASE NOTE: Jackie will not  write your academic  papers for you. Do the work yourself!

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