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Publishing and Marketing


If I ghostwirite or co-write your book, I will help you get it published, either through a self-publishing company or by writing a book proposal to send to publishers. We will all work together to create your initial marketing plan and you will get a companion website for your book. This is all part of the full ghostwriting service.


No longer to a few companies control what the world reads. Many self-publishing companies exist to get your book in print and online days after the manuscript is completed. I will help shephard you through the process (you pay the publishing fees, which are reasonable). Getting you published is part of the ghostwriting process but if you have a manuscript, you can get this as a stand-along service.


If you interest is in getting your book out to the world, then you have to let them know about it. I will help you develop a marketing plan for your book or, if you already have a book, help you market it. If I ghostwrite or co-write your book, I will make a companion website for you. If you already have your book, I can do this for you as a stand-alone service.

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