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To be an author, you have to first be a reader! Read lots, read everything, especially those things you know little about. Dig into the issues of our world and explore the things you care about - and find new things to care about! Here are some books and resources that I love that I think you would find interesting as well. I read hard copy books, but I also read on all kinds of electronic devices. My favorite is the Amazon Kindle Fire. It is the smoothest, best of all the tablets, in my opinion. There is a link to that tablet below.
Some of the books are "out of print" but available used. That is why I recommend to all my authors to self publish - your books will never go out of print because your book didn't sell enough and your publisher doesn't believe in you any more.
These books have changed my way of looking at the world.

A wonderful book on journal writing and self expression. A must have.

The absolute best book on writing and creativity. Out of print, but you can get it for a penny plus shipping!

I often tell my authors to consider their reader's journey through their book. Peak Learning will help you understand people's (and your own)  leaning styles and how we learn.

Malidoma Patrice Somé, born in West Africa, is a medicine man who holds three master’s degrees and two doctorates from Sorbonne and Brandeis University, and has taught
at the University of Michigan. He has important things to say about culture and community.

Another out of print book that should be on every shelf. Will tell you about what toxic sites may be around where you live.

The pressure we all feel about environmental problems affects everyone deeply, causing stress that we aren't always conscious of.

What if when humans began using spoken and written language it changed the way we thought from right brain, creative, imaginative thinking to left brain logic? What if that switch drove cultures toward patriarchal rule and the decline of feminine power? A fascinating analysis.

We all share concern and pain for the suffering that goes on in our world. Joanna Macy has come up with a process for turning that shared experience into empowerment and evidence of our interconnectedness.

Gabrielle Roth has mapped out the depth and details of human emotions in a way that will open your eyes and heart.

Just thinking postitiviely or dreaming about what you want isn't enough. Dr. Oettingen has proven that you also need to visualize what obstacles might stand in your way and how you will overcome them. Revolutionary!

Wonderful interviews with social activists that will open your eyes to what motivates people with  passionate ideals.

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