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When I ghostwrite for you, confidentiality is maintained throughout the process. We will execute a non-disclosure agreement between us. Hence, you won't find lots of reviews and testimonials for my ghostwriting work since that would defeat the purpose! I have been at this for a long time and can design a smooth, efficient, fun and rewarding process to get your ideas out of your head and out into the world.


Below are somes reviews from my non-confidential writing projects, speaking engagements, and teaching activities.

I am honored to have received such a great testimonial from one of the world's most famous hitorical figures! OK, obviously this is a joke, but all the other testimonials on this page are real!

"Jackie, you have captured [my son] in such an extraordinary light. It's almost as if you knew him. I'm in a state of awe!"  -- Client name witheld by agreement
"I couldn't believe what you wrote! It felt like you were inside my head! After a few phone conversations, it felt like you totally got what I was trying to say."  -- High Profile Client name witheld by agreement
"Not only are you a great writer, but a great researcher, too. The historical perspectives you put in my book made it larger and more relevant than I had envisioned. Thank you!  -- Client name witheld by agreement
“In writing you often find people who are knowledgeable often lack the skills to clearly communicate what they know. Jackie is one of the few writers I've worked with that has an excellent understanding of not only the subject matter but also how to effectively communicate that to the reader. A++ writer who I look forward to working with again. ”— MJ Koning
"Best I have ever seen."

(US Central Intelligence Agency)


"Extremely Insightful."

(Government of Kenya)


"Jackie did a great job on presenting. Great WOW factor in the way that he introduced it." (New Zealand Government)


"Brilliant demo of what the future might hold."

(Australian Energy Company)


"Jackie is a pro! (And charming)"

(New Zealand Retail Executive)


“The presenter made the session feel fresh as I was the first client he presented to. Passionate.”
(Canadian Telecommunications Company Executive)


"This was an absolutely fascinating presentation. Amazing, inspiring, and fun!"

(US Circuit Court, Washington DC)


"Amazing. Brilliant presentation and engagement."

(United Kingdom Hospital Cardiac Care Manager)


“Tremendous speaker!”

(Major International Bank Executive, Puerto Rico)


“Inspiring . . .”

(Office Equipment Manufacturer, Netherlands)


“Jackie did a great job working to make the solution relevant.”

(Finances and Administrative Services Director, Major Western US City Government)


“Wow! I can't believe all that we experienced.”

(Assistant Principle, Major Western US School)


“Jackie did a nice job of making the tour feel fresh (even though it was at the end of a long, though engaging, day). His “hey, what about if we did this” approach helped to inspire intrigue among the members of his audience never sure what they might encounter next.”

(Director, IT Finance, global Real Estate Development Company)


“Engaging presenter and thought provoking solutions”.

(Department Head, British Government Office)


“Well done and tremendously personable.”

(Executive, N. American Aerospace Firm)


“Great presenter and great content.”

(Spanish eCommerce Association Executive)


“Jackie did a great job explaining how we could leverage new MS technology.” (Multinational Agricultural Company)


“This was excellent. Thought provoking. Jackie was a polished presenter. V. Good!” (International Supermarket Chain)


“Fully engaged presenation!

(Multinational Food Company)


“Energetic and inspiring. . . “

(Port of Seattle Commissioner)


“. . . good story teller having the ability to show us the vision!”

(Northwest Financial Company Executive)


“A great presenter - he engaged the audience and was excited to share information with us.”
(Major Midwest University Department Chair)


"Profound and brilliant - thank you!"
(March 2012 Seattle Workshop Participant at the end of the class)


"Jackie is a brilliant educator. He understands what motivates adults to learn and is skilled at organizing content and presentation in a way that makes sense and captures the learner's attention.
(Laurie M., January 2011 Seattle Workshop Participant)


"It was an honor to be taught these amazing tools by you! Great to be in the presence of an instructor that really knows his material and is passionate about the subject matter.  I am excited! I do a LOT of reading, and, entering my next to last year in law school, that will exponentially increase. What a great tool to apply in the dozens of textbooks and cases I will be reading!'"


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