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My Work
When I ghostwrite for you, confidentiality is maintained throughout the process and we will execute a non-disclosure agreement between us. Hence, you won't find examples of the many books and articles I have ghostwritten below! If I am doing my job, you will never hear about my involvement! I have written on a wide range of subjects, ranging from science and technology, humanities, social issues, and the environment. I can tell your personal story and whatever your background, I can probably relate. 
My Books

I have written two books under my own name and working on three more. I am finishing up a new book that I hope will help teachers in the crisis they face every day.


Healing Our World: Each chapter will take you on a journey of eye-opening revelations of the environmental and social injustices at work in our world. The effects of the greed and self interest of political, corporate and industrial leaders will shock you, depress you, infuriate you, and maybe, move you to action and profound personal examination. But you won´t have to go it alone. You will also be presented with many ideas about how to get personally involved in healing these wounds.


Of This Earth is a companion volume to Healing Our World, containing my photographs that I hope will inspire the reader to explore their deep, profound connection with the natural world.

My Articles

I have written over 450 articles that can be found all over the Internet and in print in publcations around the world. I have explored topics on environmental issues, health, business, technology, future trends, and more.

Short or Long Form Content

Whether it be brief content for your web site or brochure, product descriptions for your shopping cart, or substantial white papers or pamphlets, I can research and write the piece you need.


Here is an example of long-form content that turned into a brief book. It was about the impact of heavy metal pollution on our food supply. After it was finished, the client decided that he preferred to have me listed as a co-author.


From the Introduction: "Today, heavy metals are all around us and many of them are deeply embedded throughout the ecosystems of the Earth. This book is an attempt to begin the process of clarification, to provide a framework for understanding the impact of heavy metals on the environment and on us."

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