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I will help you with every step of the process, from collecting your thoughts through interview conversations, your notes, and research. You might choose to have your book be totally ghostwritten, meaning that you are listed as the author and my name does not appear at all or co-written with me.


Deciding that you want a book written is a powerful decision. A book can bring together the pieces of your life and tell the story of your journey or it can describe your theory of the meaning of life! It's all up to you. I bring my writing skills and experience together with your story and your voice to produce the book you have always dreamed of.  Some want their memoir as a lasting gift to their family. Others want to try to make a topic commercially successful. Or you may want a short book written about an issue that you want to get people thinking about. For example, recently I co-wrote a short book (less than 50 pages) for someone who wanted a description of how heavy metal pollution affects our food supply.

The changes in technology that have made your smart phones and tablets possible have also created many options for publishing your book. You no longer have to print lots of



expensive books. Rather, with "print on demand" technology, readers can order directly from your self-publisher where large machines will print out a book that looks just like the ones in a bookstore. You could also choose not to have printed books at all, but to go straight to an electronic book format (like the Amazon Kindle). Or you might want help crafting not only your book, but a book proposal that you want sent to major publishers. I will help you navigate through the process and make the choices that fit your needs. 


My goal is to write or co-write your book and get you set up to produce, market, and sell it through multiple channels. I can then consult with you about how to market your book and manage the process for the future. And every book I write for you comes with a companion website.


When you choose me to be your ghostwriter, you get the benefits of decades of experience:

  • 20 years working for NASA on space exploration missions

  • 6 years with Microsoft Research

  • 25 years designing and teaching science, business, and humanities courses

  • writer of thousands of pages of technical reports, blog posts, articles, and numerous books.


The perspectives I bring to my writing from my diverse experience will illuminate your subject in a unique and compelling way that will captivate your readers.


I can perform many different levels of service for you. See the descriptions of the various options below.

Complete Ghostwriting Package

This all-in-one package includes ghostwriting your manuscript, developing the design for the cover and inside of the book, and managing the publishing process. You will be working with me every step of the way to get it right. The end result will be your book in print and ebook format. It also includes a website for your book to begin your marketing efforts.

Ghostwriting Only

Some of you may want ghostwritten content for a white paper, pamphlet, website, article or company brochure. Some companies want books on their company history. I can do any content you need. Under no circumstances will I write academic papers or dissertations.

Getting Started Package

If you don't have the resources to start your entire book project, the Getting Started Package could work for you. I record and transcribe three interviews with you. From those conversations will emerge the direction for your book and its Table of Contents. I will write the Introduction and the first few pages for each of the chapters. The result is a solid start on your book and it gives us a chance to see how well we work together and for you to assemble the financial resources to go further. When you are ready, we can start flushing out the whole book. For just a few dollars a day, you can get your that book out of you and finally started!

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