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Teaching for Critical Thinking and Reasoning

Jackie has designed and taught over 50 classes that foster critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Teaching students with principles and techniques that foster critical thinking will create an atmosphere of excitement about learning in the classroom. With this approach, the emphasis in the classroom becomes one of fostering a deep connection with the course material as well as with the world around us. It is a powerful way to teach because it validates the native intelligence that we all possess.


See some  of these ideas can be found at a website Jackie designed for teachers to learn critical thinking teaching principles.

 The Deep Teaching Process


During my doctoral work, I developed a process for teaching environmental studies that is based on active engagement and participation with the world around us. In particular, the importance of recognizing our intimate connection to the natural world is stressed as an effective tool to learn about humans' role in the environment. Understanding our place in the natural world may be a pivotal awareness that must be developed if we are to heal the many wounds we are experiencing today.


The deep teaching process is an approach to teaching that is based on critical thinking, problem solving, and nonlinear, non-patriarchal approaches to thinking, reasoning, and learning. With these tools, a learner is challenged to think and to understand diverse cultural, social, and intellectual perspectives and to perceive the natural world as an intimate and integral part of our lives.


This Deep Teaching Process is drawn from many elements including deep ecology, ecofeminism, despairwork, spiritual ecology, bioregionalism, critical thinking, movement therapy, and my own teaching experience with learners of all ages.

I have also developed or adapted a number of experienttial learning experiences to enhance the teaching of our relationship to the natural world. These experiences move the body and activate the creative impulses.


The deep teaching process is a process to reawaken our senses. A reawakening of the senses and an intimate awareness of our connections to the natural world and the web of life may be the primary goal of any educator in these troubled times.

Courses Designed and Taught

Over the last 25 years, Jackie has designed and taught classes in many subjects and disciplines. These experiences have contributed tremendous depth to his writing that allows him to write about so many topics with knowlege and experience.



Graduate Education

·         Multiple Intelligence Theory and Practice (B)

·         Interpersonal Communication (B)

·         Instructional Technology & Distance Education (B)

·         Foundations of Intellectual Development

·         Survey Techniques (B)

·         Quantative Research Techniques (B)

·         Theories of Human Learning (B)


Science and Society

·         The Earth’s Moon in Science, Culture, and Literature

·         Astronomy of the Solar System: the Technology, Philosophy, and Ethics of Space Exploration

·         The History of Science

·         The Universe Story

·         Mission to Planet Earth

·         Oceanography (O)

·         Meteorology  (O)


Environmental Studies / Psychology / Sociology

·         Environmental Science: The Human Impact

·         Oases in the Urban Desert - The Importance of Natual Areas

·         Ecopsychology: The Environment and Mental Health

·         Environmental Ethics

·         Environmental Action and Social Responsibility

·         The Environment and Human Health

·         Island Ecology

·         The Great Northridge Earthquake of 1994

·         Environmental Science: An Experience in the Field

·         Community Action and Social Responsibility

·         Environmental Values and Resources

·         Despair and Empowerment in the Nuclear Age


Feminist Theory

·         Gender and Science:

·         Ecological Feminism


Educational Strategies and Learning Theory

·        Critical Thinking and Decision Making

·        Science Education and Multiple Intelligence Theory

·        Kinesthetic Activities for Science Teachers

·        Advanced Study and Learning Methods



·        Digital Photography Techniques

·        Digital Editing Techniques

·        Advanced Digital Editing Techniques

·        The Art of the Gourd

·        The Art of Bonsai

·        Making Dreamcatchers


Business, Project Management and Communication

·        Speedlearning 100

·        Project Management

·        Oral and Written Communications

·        Critical Thinking and Decision Making

·        Retail Management and Sales

·        Information Literacy


Student Development and Directed Research

·        Information Literacy

·        Senior Project Proposal Development

·        Introduction to University Studies

·        Assessment of Prior Learning

·        The Development of a Powerful Resume

·        Retail Management and Promotion


Computer Science

·        Web Page Development

·        Using Computers in Academic Research

·        Introduction to Microsoft Windows

·        Software and Advance Microsoft Windows Techniques

·        Introduction to the Personal Computer


O = online       

B = Blended (online and face-to-face sessions)



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