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There is such great value for you in writing your book.

As you are all well aware, our fast changing Internet world has changed forever the way creative works are distributed. It used to be that a small group of companies decided what music the world heard, what artwork the world saw, and what books the world read. Today, that is no longer the case. Anyone with access to a a computer or a phone can make their work available to anyone in the world. The challenge -as it has always been - is using the right tools to let people know about what you have done and to give them a reason to listen, see, or read.

As always, quality work will get attention, but there are so many factors in society that are not under anyone's control that it remains impossible to predict what will resonate with people. To my way of thinking, everyone has the right to reflect on their life's journey, their passionate interests, or their ideas for making the world better without regard to whether or not anyone else will read any book they write or music they produce. How many get sold was the old way that those few companies developed to determine success, but that is changing. We have all seen plenty of evidence of how commercial success doesn't always equate with quality.

I always think of the Olympics as the extreme example of how out of touch we are with the meaning of success. At the Olympics, the superhumans of the world compete. They are all winners, but those that run the show insist on making one the winner in each game. Everyone else is considered a loser, even though the difference in their performance from the winner may be measured in thousands of a second. Yet they return to their countries in shame, they don't get the product endorsement deals, and in some parts of the world are punished. How nuts is that?

The reasons for writing your book are much bigger than whether or not it would be a commercial success. The need we all have for personal self-expression is so well satisfied in the pages of your book. You, your children, your partner, your spouse, your extended family, and friends get to sit back and see your life, interests and passions from a larger perspective. You get to see the twists and turns, the good times and bad, and the amazing creativity that lies dormant most of the time in each and every human being. I suppose telepathy would be better, but until that evolves in humans, the book is the way we can take a holistic look at a large piece of who we are.

Maybe what you write - or get help writing - will resonate with lots of people or maybe it won't. The nice thing is, it doesn't matter! Your book is a guaranteed success the moment you start it, even if it never sells. It is a grand opportunity to get back on track with the true meaning of the ideas of purpose, accomplishment, and success. They are NOT just about money. I have found the act of writing a book to be a fantastic way to find or clarify one's life purpose and to see your life as the complex journey it is. It is easy to lose sight of how we have touched so many others during our lives and easy to conclude that we haven't made a difference. As your book comes together, you realize that it all really HAS meant something after all.

Of course, with all the tools available to us, it is possible that your book could sell like crazy! It would take me many pages to list the new ways I learn every day about marketing and promotion in this very new world. By learning about the trends evolving in the way people choose what they read and by understanding the differences in lifestyle of the generations that make up our world today, we can find the niches of people that would likely be interested in your story.

So, for those of you who haven't started, I hope you all move forward with your project, whether it is working with me, someone else, or you start writing yourself. Your ideas are fantastic and you deserve to see your life journey and passions in print. I want you all to have that incredible feeling of holding your book in your hand or seeing it on the screen.

If we aren't working together yet, give me a call and let's explore the options. Most of all, have fun thinking about your book coming into form.



Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.

Freelance Writing / Ghostwriting

Seattle, WA |

CELL: (206) 755-9272

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