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What Dreams Will You Make Come True This Year?

Well, another new year is here, although it seems nuts that an entire year has passed by once again. But what it also means is that we now have another chance to get it right!

I like to start off the new year with a bit of reflection on the things that worked for me and my family this past year and the things that didn't work. Make a list with three columns: PERSONAL, FAMILY, PROFESSIONAL for the three big aspects of your life. Start off writing down those things that worked for you. Then take another page and examine those things that didn't work. WHy didn't they work? What could you do differently? It is vitally important to reflect on your failures if you are to learn from them.

It has been shown time and time again over the ages that having a clear vision for what you want to accomplish is vital - but not enough by itself. Along with your wishing, hoping, and visioning, you must also clearly understand the challenges and obstacles that might get in the way. Then you can plan your way around them. There is a physiological component as well to this idea. If you just visualize your dreams, your blood pressure goes down and along with it, your motivation for taking action. Visualizing the challenges releases key chemicals in your body and brain that move you to action. You can read more about this powerful concept, also called Mental Contrasting.

In my teaching and consulting, I have been retained by some of the world's most successful and well-known people. The successful people I have encountered all have one thing in common - and it has nothing to do with the size of their bank accounts. They all have what I call an "unstoppable will to succeed." They aren't riddled with self doubts like the rest of us. They charge ahead, try something out, and if it doesn't work, they figure out why and move ahead with the next idea.

They constantly turn their passions into reality, their work and play are pretty much the same, and they don't whine! They don't worry about whether something will work, they don't dwell on past failures, they don't doubt themselves, and they never cry "poor me!" Successful people charge ahead with courage and determination and find a way to bring their dreams into reality.

Why don't the rest of us work that way? The answer is simple: because we haven't tried and we let our fears of the unknown slow us down.

Wondering how you are ever going to afford to get your book project going? Stop wondering and come up with the plan of how you are going to do it! Most of my ghostwriting clients are regular people who have a passion within them that that moves them to want to share their ideas with the world. They won't be happy until those ideas are expressed. They borrow money, use credit cards, auction off personal possessions, do crowdfunding, or create a payment plans with me so they can make their book happen.

Some of my clients have been entrepreneurs and business owners who know that having a book is vital to their company's credibility and ultimately to its success. They know that every day they wait to start their book is another day that they could be losing clients.

Two of my current clients are people who are honoring loved ones who died with a book dedicated to them that will help others through life's challenges.

Whatever your reason for wanting to write a book, the most important thing is to get it started. As Maya Angelou said, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

Let 2016 be the year your brought your dreams into focus and into form. Let it be the year that your turned obstacles into opportunities and achieved everything you dream of.

Happy New Year.


Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.

Seattle, WA |

CELL: (206) 755-9272


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